Build clickable prototypes faster than ever
with the most advanced, free prototyping tool.

Protostrap in a nutshell

Protostrap is an easy to learn, simple yet effective prototyping tool.

  • Build highly interactive prototypes
  • In no time
  • For desktop & mobile
  • Show entire processes
  • Use real data

Your prototype will be like the real deal - before the real deal

Protostrap is an open source framework and free!

Why Protostrap?

There are tons of prototyping tools out there – each one of them covers a different need. Protostrap's strength lays in its flexibility and its data drivenness. It is for designers who want to design complex processes and know the basics of PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Easy to learn

Based on Twitter Bootstrap with sprinkles of PHP. Protostrap is easy to get into yet allows a high level of customization for the more advanced users. All you need to get started is a code editor like Sublime Text.

Data Driven yet simple

Protostap lets you build prototypes based on real data - even large amounts of data. Store your data in a Google Spreadsheet and link the sheet to your prototype. No Database and no complex queries involved!

Session & role based

Protostrap lets you simulate role based experiences with as many userroles you need. Protostrap is also session based. This is perfect for user testing. Data is changeable and the changes are effective until the session is reset.

Powerful extentions

Protostrap comes with a set of ready-to-use snippets for the code editor sublime. This makes building the interface fast. Protostrap also contains a series of workflows. These range from user-login or live-search to google search simulations.


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Ready-to-use extensions

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Fake Authentication Layer

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Dynamic data

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Page Transitions, Mobile

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Saved Data in a session


Build clickable prototypes faster than ever with the most advanced and free prototyping tool.


# v3.2
- added the jQuery CSV parser plugin
- added scrollTo helper class to smoothly scroll to elements

# v3.1
- added Page Transitions
- added Bootstrap 4 style cards with responsive flexbox grid support
- added nouiSlider
- added ionicons
- updated Bootstrap, 3rd party plugins and Font Awesome to the latest versions
- added versioning to force a refresh of the prototype for distributed tests
- New, cookie based language switch
- added an htaccess free password protection for the prototype itself
- added a stepper to show the status of a process.
- move to Twitter typeahead