Build clickable prototypes faster than ever with the most advanced prototyping tool.

Easy to learn

Based on Twitter Bootstrap with sprinkles of PHP. Protostrap is easy to get into yet allows a high level of customization for the more advanced users. All you need to get started is a code editor like Sublime Text.

Data Driven yet simple

Protostap lets you build prototypes based on real data - even large amounts of data. Simply store your data in a Google Spreadsheet and link the sheet to your prototype. No Database and no complex queries involved!

Session & role based

Protostrap lets you simulate role based experiences with as many userroles you need. Protostrap is also session based. This is perfect for user testing: Data can be changed and the changes are effective until the session is reset.

Powerful extentions

Protostrap comes with a set of ready-to-use snippets for the code editor sublime. This makes building the interface fast. Protostrap also contains a series of workflows like user-login, live-search and google search simulations.

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Bootstrap 3 & Font Awesome 4.3 - A Quick Install Script - Sublime Snippets - Templating - Simple Data-Layer with variables & arrays - Fake Authorisation Layer - Bootstrap Extentions - Google Search Simulation - Multilinguality - Typeahed Search & Table filtering

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